Celebrating a decade in creating lasting memories and furthering the art of bmx.


I love what I do and will keep doing this forever.  I have bigger plans and ambitions that I am very excited to be working on.  Monolithic was born 10 years ago and I feel like I am still getting started.  Here is a mission statement that I wrote March 17th 2005:

"Monolithic ™ is dedicated to advancing the world of art and entertainment one medium at a time.  This vast stage includes computer games, screenplays, fiction, graphic novels, film production, art and music.  Everything that thrills and moves me in so many different ways.  We are bringing together a supremely talented and diverse group of programmers, writers, artists, musicians and filmmakers.  The ultimate purpose of such an endeavor is to foster an environment of unrivaled creativity and focus with each member dedicated to collaboration and bringing their respective art form to the next level, the highest possible level.  I feel that there is no point in pursuing this venture if we aren’t going to change the face of entertainment forever.  And by doing so, change the world itself.  Show them something that they have never seen or heard before.

So with that being said, if you are talented enough and have the same creative fire that I do, contact us and together we will show the world what is beyond the cutting edge.  We will show them the future."

Pretty ambitious right?  Why the hell not, go big or go home.  Filmmaking and Photography will always be my passion.  I have numerous projects in various stages of development (wink to Dov Simens) and am looking for talented and fun people to work with.  Give me a shout anytime.

Erik Otto